From walking through Mr. Prevo’s garden, to working daily at Texas Public Radio, this week has taught me so much about myself and what kind of journalist I want to be. 

My favorite part of the week was interviewing Mr. Prevo on Monday. His labor of love for his garden was such a beautiful sight to see and it was an honor and privilege to not only talk to him, but to share his story. 

Additionally, I loved working with Selena and seeing her work her magic on my mix. I learned some amazing keyboard shortcuts along with how to blend audio in a much more seamless way. Her teaching style made me feel so much more confident working in Audition and I look forward to using what she taught for future audio stories!

Working in-person with my mentor, Joey was also such a wonderful experience. He truly embodied what it means to be a mentor. Joey took me under his wing to learn step-by-step how to use his audio equipment which I had never used before and he gave me great professional advice for after graduation. 

Lastly, working at Texas Public Radio made me feel like a real journalist. I enjoyed getting that one-on-one editing time with Colleen and meeting Gabriela, Doug and Patricia in-person. Their exceptional leadership and guidance as a team were crucial in making sure I stayed on course throughout the week. 

Overall, this program was an extraordinary opportunity to learn what it means to be a full-time, working journalist. I now hope to one day become a multimedia reporter and produce more feature stories like this. The skills I learned  in such a short amount of time were so invaluable and I can’t thank NPR Next Generation enough for creating this program and building such a strong foundation for young journalists to be successful in their futures!

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