San Eli man experiments with growing food in the desert amid climate change

San Elizario, Texas, is a small border city in the Chihuahuan Desert known for farming high water usage crops, like cotton and pecans, but the high heat and lack of rain from climate change is changing the traditional techniques of home gardeners.

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Construction worker vs. the weather: Why one Texan won’t quit

Flooded streets, 114-degree temperatures and bone-chilling storms: Extreme weather won’t stop Miguel Sanchez from working to support his family. 

Sanchez, 52, has been in the construction field for almost two decades. He does it all – painting, flooring, roofing – and most of that time as his own boss. He founded a company, Escofsan Remodeling, so he didn’t have to answer to anyone.


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Growing faith by gardening: How extreme temperatures are affecting a San Antonio veteran’s garden

Clarence Prevo begins nearly every day by walking through his garden and talking to his plants. He asks for “the Lord’s blessing” and prays for a bountiful harvest. 

“He is the creator of all this,”  said Prevo, 81. “Without Him, I wouldn’t be. Without Him, this wouldn’t be.”


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Public health educator pushes for climate to be part of health care conversations

While working at UT Health San Antonio as a nurse, Adelita Cantu said she learned that health care goes beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics. 

Cantu wanted to help people before they came to the hospital, so she became a public health educator who teaches future nurses not only about how to take vitals and administer medications, but also about the connection between climate change and health.


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This Texan wants to protect bats from climate change and human activity

Disease-spreading, blood-sucking, nocturnal creatures. Bats have long been the stuff of horror stories and nightmares. 

“One of the things that makes people fear them is that they are nighttime animals; people rarely see them,” Dianne Odegard, Austin Bat Refuge co-founder, says.


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